Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Sure as you can’t steer a train…

I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard railroad buff by a long shot, but I do have a weakness for hearing train whistles, especially when they roll over fields at night. (This happens fairly often all over here in Ohio.) And for wordplay, I’m totally hooked on the phrase "cornfield meet," which, according to this glossary at The Catskill Archive, is a head-on collision between trains. (Or, it also  notes, one which is narrowly averted.)

Either way, the image and phrase click nicely in my head, and that idea of an intersection or collision of forces is one I like.

During my freshman year at Bowling Green State University, I used to walk to the railroad tracks that run north-south through the town and stand right next to them when trains passed. Years and years and freakin’ years later, those trains turned into some of the sparks for a novel I wrote, Crossing Decembers. I spent awhile banging my head (figuratively) against publishers’ and agents’ doors, and then, just last month, decided it was more important just to share the thing than it was to "win" at some publishers’ maze game.

It feels suprisingly good to have done it, and I’m proud of the way the front and back covers came out and everything.


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