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You’re talking about memories…

Ach. I have a head cold, and it’s kept me pretty wiped out all day. Still, you can only take so much bed rest, so I managed to set up my web site. Content’s not nearly there yet, but at least it’s up and running.

While I wasn’t wrestling with the web, I was watching Blade Runner, which fit well with the way I was feeling, but clashed completely with the incredibly gorgeous day that was unfolding outside: Sunny, breezy and in the 50s. Not that I was in any position to enjoy it. I was 11 when Blade Runner came out, and I really wanted to see it because it had Han Solo in it, and my parents would only say, "No way." (I don’t even know if they ever actually saw it.) I finally saw it in college when one of my friends was watching it for a class and she invited me to come along.


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