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Future Pulitzer Winners Club

Part of the reason I started this blog and was to not only share some of my own work, but that of my friend and photographer Jim Carchidi, who I’ve known for more than a decade now, and is also a grizzled veteran of the Orlando Sentinel composing room. Somehow, we both managed to find our way from the composing room into the actual journalism fields we had been aiming for in the first place, and even though I’ve been here in Ohio for seven years, and he’s still in Florida, we have teamed up on a few projects. Before the Star Wars Celebration III trip (you can see some of our coverage here, down at the bottom of the page, and I swear, I’m working on getting our web coverage archived, too), there was a series we did for the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio, where I got my first full-time reporting job. We covered the national F.I.R.S.T. robotics tournament one spring at Disney World in Orlando, which was a blast, too. And (fingers crossed) we should have some exciting publication news later this year. I’ve set up a photo album for Jim’s work – so far, it’s just some of his extra SW:C3 photos, but there’s more coming. (Ahem – that’s your cue, Jim…)


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