Cornfield Meet

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North Coast Big Apple

Just like real New York City tourists, we gawked and snapped photos and pointed out the most mundane things:
signature yellow taxicabs, “clean up after your dog” signs, and subway

Being in downtown Cleveland was really
what made it fun.

Unable to resist, I walked over to Euclid Avenue
on Thursday with a buddy to catch a peek of the Spider Man 3 crew at work,
since they’re wrapping up their Northeast Ohio shooting
schedule this weekend.

When I reached the eastern edge of the set, I could see
wrecked cars lining a section of street a ways off, and a car dangling about
four or five stories off the ground, held against the sky by a crane. There was
a pretty good crowd here, and the police weren’t letting pedestrians onto the
sidewalks, so we took a back route through one of the nearby buildings and
checked things out from further west along Euclid.

By the time we got
there, the car wasn’t hanging from the crane anymore, but the crew was still
prepping for another shot, keeping onlookers out of the street. To our left was
the armored truck that’s apparently being held up/broken into/crashed for the
scene. (Which, we hear, is going to take up less than 3 minutes of screen

People with walkie-talkies scurried around, the streets were
cleared, and somebody must’ve hollered “action,” because a few minutes later,
the armored truck was cruising east, flanked by some background traffic. It
went a couple hundred yards down the street past us, and we heard kind of a
muffled crash/crunch, and then a black-clad, goateed guy in the street in front
of us hollered “Cut!” 

They let all the gawkers walk through the sidewalks of the
set then, and what really struck me was the sheer scale of an operation like
this, even for just a few relatively simple shots. We just kept seeing all the
little pieces of the puzzle, like people whose job seemed to consist solely of
backing vehicles back into place so they could drive them down the same few
hundred yards of pavement again. Guys checking the camera rig. It was even
someone’s job, we marveled, to bust up the wrecked cars on the sidewalk.

And, of course, someone’s job to make this little bit of
Cleveland look like a corner of Manhattan: The fake subway entrance; the “sale”
tables on the sidewalk loaded with stuffed animals and purses; the newsstand
with its Daily Bugle ad posters; a street-level paint-splattered construction scaffolding
and playbill-plastered backdrop blocking nothing but a parking lot. 

A little bit later, we walked around another corner and
back into Cleveland.

(Photos here.)






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