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Things collide here.

I hear radio waves in my head.

>sigh< I had a much longer, detailed post written, and accidentally closed the window on the thing when I was previewing it and checking the links. Maybe that’s my sign to write shorter & quicker.

Long story short: I’m very excited because I wrote a commentary/essay last week and sent it over to the folks at WKSU for consideration, and they asked me to record it for broadcast!

So I stopped into the studio in Kent tonight for about an hour and a half and met with Renita – she’s invited me on air to talk about a couple other stories I’ve worked on in the past year – who put me very much at ease after a couple read-throughs, and I was very happy with the way the actual recording went. It was a lot of fun, and it’s going to air tomorrow – Wednesday, May 17 – during the 6 p.m. show "Your Way Home," and maybe even again during the local breaks of Thursday’s  "Morning Edition."

Seeing the main studio was also kind of a bizarre thing: Flat-screen touch-sensitive monitors hung over the sound board, and I watched Renita cue up program segues and local stories through the software, without a single big clunky tape cart in sight. (Though she did adjust the feed manually through the board.) Very different from my long-past days on the air at WBGU.

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Mental WD-40

See, I knew I was going to run into this kind of
productivity problem. I’ve kind of gotten used to it happening over the past
few years, and I guess when I think about why it happens, it’s because I’m
lucky enough to have a newsroom job where, every day, I get to do what I love: write. 

I have noticed, though, that there are times when the
writing I do away from the newsroom where I work tends to taper off, and it’s a
struggle to get that energy flowing again. I’ve tended to think of it as having
this water tank of creative energy, and when it doesn’t get tapped for awhile,
and I turn on the faucet, it just pours out, whether it’s in my journal or
online or in essays or the occasional freelance feature.

But when I’m at work, and especially when it’s busy and I’m
working on several stories at a time, it’s like that tank’s got a relief valve
running, so there’s not as much pressure built up behind the tap. I mean, even
though it’s a different kind of writing that I do to earn my paycheck, the
creative muscles still get to stretch and flex a bit, so that when I come home,
every so often, the valve on the tank up top just needs to stay shut for a while.

Trouble is, sometimes it gets a little stuck. It’s working
loose again, though (sitting here typing helps a lot), and I’ve got a fun
project I’ll be able to post about this week, and Jim C. and I are still
tackling some tech issues with our website, which we’d like to get up and
running more smoothly.

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When Love Came to Town

Jim C. & I have been slowly but surely tweaking Fieldsedge, and it’s coming along OK, we think, considering neither of us is a real tech kinda guy. The latest addition is Jim’s write-up of B.B. King’s recent tour stop in Orlando, complete with some typically impressive photography.

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