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Remember when Yoda killed Boba Fett?

No, really, it happened!The little green guy dodges a laser blast, then pulls a Crocodile Dundee with that stick he carries, and it whips around like a boomerang and sets off Boba Fett’s backpack – don’t you remember?

This sequence played out in the world of The Software Toolworks’ Star Wars Chess, released back in 1993, just as Star Wars geeks the world over came out of hiding …er, grew up and got jobs which enabled, THEM – to open their wallets and refuel the Star Wars flames with money that wasn’t an allowance.

I had this game for my first computer – an IBM PS/2 with a 486 processor – and it reinforced one thing: I’m not patient enough to be much good at chess. Fortunately, you could set this game up to watch whichever animated battles you wanted: R2-D2 taking on a Scout Walker? Done. The Emperor opening a can of whoop-ass on C-3PO? Order up.

Recently, through a fellow enthusiast in the Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club , I got my hands on a nifty piece of collecting: The 40 original pencil drawings that illustrate Boba Fett’s death at the hands of Yoda. (That would be, for those who care, a white rook taking out a black bishop.) I’m not scanning all 40 drawings in here -though it would be cool sometime to see if it’s possible to make a flip book out of them – but I did make a photo album to show some of them off. The shot with the action figure in it is just to give some scale, and I also compiled a set of screenshots showing these particular frames.

Each element of a battle was animated separately – so Yoda and the laser blasts and even the crater at the end are not seen on these pages. It’s just Boba Fett taking his twirly-whirly ride of doom. And the "bleed through" visible in some of the shots is just because I left the drawings stacked together to keep them in order while I was taking the pictures.

My collecting’s toned down lately – but it’s tough to resist something as unique as these.

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