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Some little newsy stuff I’ve been meaning to write – and I have been writing, it’s just not been showing up on this particular blog.

For instance, there’s the new & improved that Jim Carchidi and I have been working on. And after I wrote this piece last month for the site, the producers at WKSU asked if I’d be interested in adapting it into another radio essay, which aired Friday. (Including a plug in my closing tagline for "Crossing Decembers!")

And speaking of that, interesting things started happening with the book about a week and a half ago, or whenever it was that Google finally launched its Book Search feature. Turns out parts of the Crossing Decembers text are in there for scanning. Check it out: You do a Google Book Search of the phrase "Five Mile Bridge," for instance, and it’ll pull up a page where that text appears.

Around the same time, the book started showing up on Amazon, too, although I’m still trying to work with them and figure out how to make the thing show up as Available For Purchase. (Same for the Barnes and Noble site, which doesn’t even have the cover image. A really bizarre thing is, you CAN buy it through Amazon’s site that’s based across the puddle in Britain, but it’ll cost you more than three times as much since they’re basically having it shipped over there, then charging to send it here. I dunno. (It’s on Amazon’s German site, too, but shows up Unavailable, just like it does here.)

I knew I should have taken a stack to the Hartville Flea Market over Labor Day….

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