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The last month has been a fun time for me as a writer: My
first feature-length magazine article, a piece on Star Wars model builder Lorne
Peterson, finally appeared in Filmfax – it’s not available online, but I’ll be sharing some page scans soon –
and Lorne agreed to a follow-up conversation for publication on FieldsEdge

He’s just so laid-back and fun to talk to, and he’s got
piles and piles of stories that an old-school Star Wars geek like me could just
listen to for hours. This guy literally helped build an iconic part of my childhood,
and here he was, calling me at home from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, or reminiscing about his post-college road trip across the country.

I actually started gathering material for the magazine
piece in April 2005, when Jim Carchidi and I met Lorne at Star Wars Celebration
3 in Indianapolis. I had  three more conversations with him by phone to
really flesh things out – most of the background stuff came from a really long talk on a
bright fall afternoon last year. I was out doing yard work when Jenn came out and said
– I’ll never forget it – "Lorne Peterson’s on the phone for you."

The six-year-old me who once created a guide to Star Wars characters with crayons and construction paper went all bug-eyed, and I ran inside feeling like I was still wearing his tennis shoes.

It’s good to know they’re still comfortable from time to time.

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