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Can you airbrush Bill Gates on this T-Shirt?

Interstate 77 south, heading home after work earlier this week. Snowy Ohio January afternoon. I’m skipping through the radio stations and stop for a moment at WNCX out of Cleveland. Though 98.5 does play a fair amount of modern-ish rock (in other words, songs written since I was in high school) it still hauls a Camaro-hatch load of classic rock.

I don’t remember what song made me stop switching channels, but I heard it out, and then the drive-time jock, Michael Stanley, came on, spieling about how it was time for another 98.5 WNCX Cleveland’s Classic Rock Giveaway (or something like that – you know the drill), and a lucky caller was just minutes away from the afternoon’s prize.

Be caller number 10, and you’d get yourself in the winner’s circle.

The prize for one lucky listener of muffler-growling, Pink Floyd-fueled, Led Zeppelin-oiled, Rush-revving Cleveland’s Classic Rock?

A brand-new copy of Microsoft Vista.

So another cultural corner is turned.

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Flight of the Munnybee

Jim Carchidi, my friend and co-conspirator at Field’s Edge, sent my wife and daughter and me each a Munny figure for Christmas. Mine was the plain black one, and it came
with the mushroom, the sign, the ray gun and the glasses. The three of us sat down at the kitchen table the night we got them and fiddled with them a bit, and I actually had my idea then, but only got around to giving it a shot this afternoon. (You can click on the pictures to see larger versions.)

Once I had the "bee" idea – I was just flipping the head, body and arms through different configurations when I hit on it –  it was a matter of trying to figure out how to pull it off, since my total lack of artistic ability ruled out painting or drawing of any kind. I wound up using yellow electrical tape for the stripes, and white electrical tape for the eyes. (I considered a more insect-like approach to the eyes, but crumpled-up tinfoil just didn’t have the effect I wanted. Not cartoony enough.)

The wings are the Munny’s ears, colored with a silver Sharpie marker, and the pupils are blue permanent marker. The stinger is the conical tip of the ray gun, with its stem poked into the bee’s body. Why did the mushroom become a hat? Because with no antennae and a plain black head, the bee just looked unfinished, and I think it helps balance out the big striped body.

I considered drawing a mouth, but decided I like the way the figure’s shape suggests one versus actually putting one there myself, right beneath the bee’s nose bump, which is originally the Munny’s tail.

Again, since the times when I do have an artistic vision usually lead to situations where my idea far surpasses my ability to make it real, I have to say I’m really happy with the way this little guy turned out.

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Blue Max, The Deliverator, and A Master

Found this meme over on Martha O’Connor‘s site, and couldn’t resist:

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 — first sentence
3. Book #2 — last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 — second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 — next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 — final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph

To make things more random, I put the five books in a box and grabbed them blind, going with whichever one hit my hand first. The only time it didn’t work was with book four, which didn’t have 150 pages.

OK, here’s mine:

The Deliverator belongs to an elite order, a hallowed subcategory. "Can I tape this? Get away!" Blue Max sent burst-signals at top volume, concentrated pulses of information. There was a Master come unto the earth, born in the holy land of Indiana,

Pieces-parts come from:

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask by Jim Munroe
Classic Stories 2 by Ray Bradbury (it happens to fall within the story All Summer in A Day)
Han Solo at Stars’ End by Brian Daley
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach (which yes, does end mid-sentence)

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