Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Can you airbrush Bill Gates on this T-Shirt?

Interstate 77 south, heading home after work earlier this week. Snowy Ohio January afternoon. I’m skipping through the radio stations and stop for a moment at WNCX out of Cleveland. Though 98.5 does play a fair amount of modern-ish rock (in other words, songs written since I was in high school) it still hauls a Camaro-hatch load of classic rock.

I don’t remember what song made me stop switching channels, but I heard it out, and then the drive-time jock, Michael Stanley, came on, spieling about how it was time for another 98.5 WNCX Cleveland’s Classic Rock Giveaway (or something like that – you know the drill), and a lucky caller was just minutes away from the afternoon’s prize.

Be caller number 10, and you’d get yourself in the winner’s circle.

The prize for one lucky listener of muffler-growling, Pink Floyd-fueled, Led Zeppelin-oiled, Rush-revving Cleveland’s Classic Rock?

A brand-new copy of Microsoft Vista.

So another cultural corner is turned.

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