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Remembering Star Wars: The Future, The Past, Old Friends Long Gone

Though you wouldn’t guess it from the dust lying around this blog, I’ve been writing my butt off lately. Seriously – it’s just been everyplace but here. Outside of work and a freelance piece, I’m behind the controls of another obsession piece, which I refer to in my head as "Every Star Wars Memory I’ve Ever Had."

Over the years, on message boards and forums and stuff,
I’ve written up short notes about being in elementary school and getting Star Wars toys, or
reminiscing about seeing Return of the Jedi on opening night in 1983,
or about how my best friend and I completely storyboarded something we called Episode VII: The Emperor.

And I started thinking about just how many Star Wars
memories I have, from the big obvious ones like seeing The Empire Strikes Back the first time to a three-or-four-line conversation in college that centered on an Obi-Wan Kenobi quote.

I also remembered that a few years back, part of a job
interview I had was an assignment to write something about myself. I had an hour, maybe, to work,
and that was the sole instruction. I didn’t sit long before I typed something like, "The funny thing is," John Booth recalled, "I don’t remember the first time I saw Star Wars," and it just went from there.

With the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie being celebrated this year, I
thought it’d be the ideal time to have some fun with all this stuff.

A couple months ago, then, I started filling a yellow
legal pad with notes and things to write about. Almost incomprehensible phrases like "Good Force/Bad Force" and "baseball dugout/Han/organs" and
"Upper Sandusky – library and Children’s Village Cloud City and Blue Snag."

A few weeks ago, I started writing the series and
posting’ them at Field’s Edge. I’m working on the fourth essay now. The first three are here, here and here.

And while the feedback I’m getting on the essays themselves is good, probably the
best part is hearing people say that I’ve reminded them of a person or a place
or a memory they hadn’t dug up in ages.

Happy 30th, Star Wars.


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