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Shannara…Fossils…Star Wars. Yep, I’m A Geek.

So, I’ve decided to give Associated Content a whirl, and I’ve started off with a couple different articles. The first one started bouncing around in my head last year when I was re-reading "The Sword of Shannara." Started out as a "wow-I-remember-why-this-was-fun" read but turned into a "well-I’ve-gotta-finish-it-now-to-see-how-it-ends" crash through the final chapters. It was just far more unoriginal than I remembered, especially in the second half the book. Still, it got me thinking about some things, and I turned those thoughts into an article called "Star Wars’ Second Cousin Turns 30, Too."

The second article’s a straightforward guide to visiting Fossil Park near Toledo, something my daughter and I have now done every summer for five years running. Best find so far: A whole trilobite, curled up like a pillbug. It’s great to be there getting dirt under your fingernails and finding these creatures and plants that lived so unfathomably long ago, and sharing your finds and getting that urge to keep looking for just one more fossil. That article’s here.

The "Remembering Star Wars" series – and thanks to Matt over at FullyGeek for a nice recommendation – is up to eight essays, but I missed last week because of a ton of other things going on.

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