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Television May Rot Your Brain…

…but it can be sooooo good.

Yes, I have other stuff to write about, but for now, these thoughts
on the prime-time Emmy nominations:

I’m very excited to see “Battlestar Galactica” up for
writing and directing awards. The season opening pairing of
Occupation/Precipice, followed by Exodus parts I and II were, to use the only
appropriate term, frakking incredible, and it’s good to see the show up for
some non-technical awards in addition to the visual effects and sound editing
nods. (How the cast keeps getting the shaft in the acting nominations is beyond
me.) Moving on…

“Heroes” is up for best drama and some other stuff, but
my favorite nomination here is obvisouly for Masi Oka‘s bid for Supporting
Actor. You’re making us geeks proud, Hiro.

The demise of “Studio 60” means I’m only rooting
harder for it to win at least one Emmy. I think its best shot is in the outstanding
casting category, because it’s not going to win the directing race, in which
actually have four horses, counting it along with “Battlestar”, “Heroes” and “Lost.”
Watching NBC burn off the final “Studio 60” episodes this summer, I made my peace
with it going away, just like “Sports Night.” A short, complete story arc isn’t
necessarily a bad thing (See the original BBC “Office” series), and I can see the complete DVD set making its way into our house.

 “Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed” is up for some nonfiction
awards, but looking at its competition (“Ghosts of Abu Ghraib”, “This American
Life” and “Planet Earth”),I’m not sure of its chances.

Finally, my most fervent hope: That Justin Timberlake’s song from “Saturday
Night Live”
wins for outstanding original music and lyrics. How freaking
hilarious would that be? Pleasepleasepleaseplease…

Other notes – I haven’t seen the Daniel Radcliffe episode
of “Extras,” but I’ve heard it’s unbelievably funny, and it’s up for a writing
award; Conchata Ferrell as Berta quite often has the best lines on “Two and A Half Men”, but I wouldn’t bet on her winning comedy supporting actress, even though
I’d like to see it happen; glad to see Neil Patrick Harris up for his Barney
role on “How I Met Your Mother.” Nothing like an old post validated.


July 19, 2007 - Posted by | Current Affairs, Television

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