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Keep watching the skis….er, skies.

I couldn’t stay up too late to watch the Perseids peak Sunday night, but I probably saw about five or six between about 10 and 11 p.m. The best one came first, when I was out in the backyard alone, craning my neck and watching the sky above the woods to the east and listening to sound of insects in the fading summer. (Yes, I know fall doesn’t start for another month, but school begins next week, and calendar be damned, that’s when the seasons change.)

I’ve seen some pretty nifty meteor showers, the best probably being in summer of 1999 when we were in the Colorado mountains during the Perseids. But I’ve never seen what you’d really call a fireball until last night.

It seared the sky from north to south, low to the east, just above the trees, long enough for me to watch and seemingly so lasting that I actually for just a millisecond thought I’d have time to run in the house and get everyone else to come see this amazing thing. It BURNED, and not with the clear cold blue of a star, but with the white-hot and orange pulsing flicker of a living flame. It burned so seemingly close that I marveled that I couldn’t hear it and I half-expected, after it had faded, to hear it land in the woods nearby. Even after it had gone out, I could see, for a second or two, a smoky scar in the hazy sky.

Of course, I stayed out awhile longer – saw another, not nearly as bright, on a similar path, and then my daughter and her friend came out and watched for a bit, and my wife, and we saw a few more as a low fog began to envelop the backyards around us.

And on a completely different note, I’ve made the first three chapters of Crossing Decembers available as a free download in a .pdf/e-book format, so help yourself and share it generously and let me know what you think.


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