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Crossing Decembers available on Wowio!

Okay, so even though I started scribbling notes for that NaNoWriMo project I mentioned, and even though it probably would have been kind of fun, I’ve decided instead to focus the energy I would’ve spent on that on really trying to promote Crossing Decembers. So I took up a new sheet of paper and started scribbling notes about emailing people and updating web pages and blogs and stuff, and I’m going to try and treat it like my writing project for October, getting at least one chunk of work done every day.

Which brings me to Wowio, where you can now download Crossing Decembers for absolutely free.

Here’s the deal: Wowio offers electronic versions of books and comics and essays and stuff at no charge, but the authors still get paid by the download. I signed up awhile back to look into it – the trade-off is that there are a couple ad pages inserted into each book – and decided I’d see if they were interested in carrying Crossing Decembers, and it went up on the site this week. Give the cover image below a click to check it out. Now, feel free to share it!

October 31, 2007 - Posted by | Books, Fiction, Ohio

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