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The Best Kinds of Birthday Presents

So Saturday was my birthday, and while I’m shocked to suddenly find that the square root of 1600 seems uncomfortably close, I had a great weekend.

Stopped at Adam’s house on the way home from work Friday. He gave me one of those sound-effect birthday cards with a clip from Airplane!, which my wife and I have watched ever since we started dating. He also started that journal of letters we’ve been talking about sending back and forth.

Got home to find that my daughter was spending the night at her aunt and uncle’s house and there were candles and wine on the table waiting, and Jenn was making her chicken cacciatore (which, in all fairness, belongs in an Iron Chef competition along with her beef stroganoff, mushroom stuffing and vindaloo) for the two of us. After dinner, we settled into the family room and watched Knocked Up, which made me like Judd Apatow even more.

Saturday, a friend from my Bowling Green days – which cannot possibly be almost two decades ago – and her husband came up Saturday from Columbus for the Ohio State-Michigan game, and then we headed down to grill steaks and spend the night at my parents’ big house in the dark woods. Between another great dinner and ping-pong and Catchphrase, could things have been better? I will say yes, because there was also a Baby Pac-Man machine in the basement. See, I grew up in the 1980s, and no matter how amazingly kick-ass any computer game or home console system gets, to someone who used to spend arcade tokens by the pound, nothing is as cool as seeing a real honest-to-Namco video game sitting in someone’s house like on Silver Spoons and in The Toy. Free plays all night, folks, no quarters necessary. (No kidding: There’s a Black Knight pinball machine down there, too – the story behind these will have to be told another time – and if we can get that bad mother working, I just may re-part my hair down the middle like I did in seventh grade and dig up my three-quarter-length-sleeved shirt with the Lamborghini airbrushed on it.)

On the drive home Sunday, I got one of those nausea-inducing headaches, so I went back to bed until about noon, when I woke up feeling tons better and as though I were starting a completely new day. It was a mostly quiet day spent watching the Browns beat the Ravens. Sort of. After having watched the Browns seemingly blow the game, I left to get a haircut after watching Phil Dawson’s kick bounce around and fall back into the end zone. I was pretty peeved about the team having blown the second-half lead, after all. Yeah, that’s right: I was already in the car and on the road listening to the post-game when they decided the kick was good and the Browns went on to win in overtime.

Oh, and Jim sent me a couple vinyl figures for my birthday: A burger Dunny from the fourth series and Greene from Unkl’s HazMaPo line. ("He’s a sucker for the mayonnaise and isn’t afraid to share it.")

That’s a weekend worth not feeling old over.

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