Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Wind, Coffee, and “Firefly.”

It was still dark at 7:30 when I woke up this morning to start 2008 and a couple thoughts flicked through my head. First there was, "Uh-oh. The coffee maker’s going to hit its automatic shut-off point," so I lurched out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen, poked the off/on switch twice to reset it, and stumbled back up and into bed. (Yes, to me, this was better than simply brewing a new half-pot later.)

Second, there was, "Wow. I haven’t slept in until 7:30 in awhile," followed quickly by, "It’s pretty sad that 7:30 is a luxury doze-in." What can I say? You get up at 5:15 five days a week, you get into a rhythm, like it or not.

Back under the covers, I listened to the wind and half-noticed as light began to come through the blinds. I’ve always loved having a bedroom on the second story, where the weather sounds close on the roof. The woods behind the house magnifies the wind, too. Seems to give it mass and a presence.

I jotted a couple writing notes, stayed in bed awhile longer, then brought up some coffee and a bowl of cereal and watched some "Firefly."

I’ll count that as a good start to the year.

(Addendum: I went out to the woods later and filmed a little bit of the wind and the trees and the creaking trunks. I thought it would make a nice bookend to my picture of the last sunset of 2007.)


January 1, 2008 - Posted by | Current Affairs, geek, Ohio, Television

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