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2007 – Looking Back in Books

I have to say I was surprised to find that I managed to read 25 26 books in 2007. Didn’t feel like that many, probably because I haven’t read anything new in the last month, and because – and this was a bit of a shocker – that 15 16 of the books I read were re-reads, although two of those were first read more than a decade back, so they hardly count.

When I look at the list, I see how easily I fall into books I have around the house: They get picked up while the computer’s warming up or while I’m eating breakfast or while the family watches American Idol and I want to be in the room with them, but not necessarily with Ryan, Simon, Randy and Paula. And still my Goodreads list continues to grow. (Hell, I haven’t even added the books jotted down on the scraps of paper in my top right desk drawer yet.) I need to get to the library more.

Shadows of the Empire – Steve Perry (finished around Jan. 28): Star Wars candy.

Rainbows End – Vernor Vinge (Feb. 6)

Han Solo at Stars’ End; Han Solo’s Revenge; Han Solo and the Lost Legacy – Brian Daley (from Feb. 6 to Feb 19) – As usual, Star Wars-related stuff, being pretty much available all over the house, gets re-read often.

The Giver – Lois Lowry (Feb. 16)

Literary Journalism – edited by Norman Sims and Mark Kramer (late March; read at work during lunch breaks)

Specter of the Past; Vision of the Future – Timothy Zahn (March; at home) – "I’ll take ‘More Star Wars Stuff John’s Read for $600, Alex."

Identity Crisis – comic trade paperback by Brad Meltzer ( April 9-13)

Ernest Hemingway on Writing – edited by Larry W. Phillips (April 29)

I Am the Cheese – Robert Cormier (May 29) – This is the first re-read that shouldn’t really count because I hadn’t read it since I was in college.

Harry Potter & the Sorceror’s Stone (started/finished around July 28th) – Okay, here’s the deal with the upcoming run through the HP books: When Deathly Hallows came out at the end of July, I read it aloud to my daughter, as I had the previous six. However, since this was the first one we were sharing brand new together, I promised her I would NOT. READ. AHEAD. When I’m in the Potterverse, I get so wrapped up in the stories that I plow through them even when I’m trying to read slow, so to satisfy my fix as we shared Deathly Hallows in small, nightly doses, I re-read the first six books. Thus:

Chamber of Secrets (July 30); Prisoner of Azkaban (Aug.3)

Deathly Hallows (The out-loud reading with my daughter wrapped up Aug. 5 in a marathon five-hour session that left my voice froggish for the next day or two. It was awesome.)

Goblet of Fire (Aug. 15) – Because, duh, I couldn’t just stop. And besides, having just finished the final book made for some interesting reading of books four, five and six, when the endgame pieces start shifting into long-range position.

Order of the Phoenix (Aug. 26)

Half-Blood Prince (Aug. 31)

Deathly Hallows (Yes, again, this time on my own, having just watched everything unfold leading up to it. Finished Sept 23, meaning that over a two-month period, I pretty much read nothing but Harry Potter.)

The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus – Wred Fright (Oct. 3) – I knew Wred from my days on-air at WBGU, and this was a fun and bizarre trip back to that era.

Dancing Barefoot – Wil Wheaton (mid/late Nov.)

The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Wil Wheaton (mid/late Nov.)

Watchmen – Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons (mid/late Nov.) – This is the second re-read on the list that may as well have been new because I hadn’t read it since my sophomore year of college. I remember liking it well enough, but this time around, it just floored me.

Avengers: Disassembled – comic trade paperback (Dec. 2) by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch.

Time Untamed – short stories by Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Clifford Simak, L. Sprague DeCamp, Theodore Sturgeon, John Wyndham and Fritz Leiber.  Read this piece by piece during December. The Bradbury story, "Tomorrow and Tomorrow," is one of my favorites.


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