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Friday night leftovers

Ah, nothing like a fresh-baked batch of stuff I emailed to myself over the last week or so, starting with this paper airplane flight, courtesy of Fark. (Gotta admit, though – I watched it the first time without the sound on, and frankly, I liked it better without the music. Anyway…)

And how about this: Brent and Jade‘s proposed wedding date? Same as yours truly and Mrs. Yours Truly.How PvPtastic is that? I love being a geek.

Next out of the oven, these fantastic "Why We Write" essays from DeadlineHollywoodDaily. I like this one from Carol Mendelsohn and this one from Greg Berlanti, but the one that hits closest to home is easily Howard Gordon‘s. It’s not the writing itself that’s the grind for me, though – it’s the starting and the struggle to find The Zone. That’s the best. The Zone’s always moving, though. Sometimes it sneaks up on me. Sometimes I can’t find it for weeks at a time but I keep banging the keys anyway because that’s the only way to wander into it again. (P.S. Go WGA.)

And sometimes, of course, the zone just vanishes into the ether, like it did just now, so I’m out the door, tossing these behind me as I leave:

A funny blog that reminds me that it was actually fun to live in Orlando for awhile.


Jill Rides An Airplane! (an educational film from 2015).

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