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Weekend at Geeky’s

Seriously – what a nerdful two-day span:

Read "House of M." Continued reading Lian Hearn’s "Harsh Cry of the Heron."

Up before sunrise on Saturday, partly because my better half left for work at 5:30, which usually wakes me up to the point where if I fall back asleep, I have those really effed up sort of dreams that leave me out of whack half the day, but mostly because my brother Adam came over for some Wii Sports Tennis. (Teamed up to win two of three matches. Should’ve stopped after the nailbiting come-from-behind win in the second because we got our trash-talking asses handed to us in the third.)

I also played through Episode III on Lego Star Wars.

Watched four of the six Season Two episodes of "Extras" and sat down with my daughter to catch the last forty minutes of "Harry Potter & the Sorceror’s Stone." (DVRed "Connor Chronicles," but haven’t watched more than the opening sequence, so I suppose I lose a couple points for that.)

Finally, I successfully dipped my toes into the open source pool, getting MuLinux running on an old laptop. (Think 8MB memory, floppy drive, USB-free, no CD-ROM, modem-only.) Clearly, I’m not doing my writing or blogging or emailing from this puppy, but considering I have no – and I mean NO – Linux experience at all, I’m pretty ecstatic about managing this without frying anything. And I’m having an odd sort of fun learning bit by bit on the fly.

So, to sum up: Superheroes, ninjas, video sports, Lego Star Wars, British sitcom, Voldemort vanquished, and a littlebit’o’Linux.

That oughta satisfy the geekneed for a little while.


January 13, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Current Affairs, Games, geek, Television, video games, Web/Tech

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