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Future war, invincibility, time playground, and Rockin’ the Wii

Catching up on notes from the week:

I slammed through "Old Man’s War" in about three days – one of those quickly addicting books that made me pick it up any time I had a spare minute or two to read a couple pages. More Scalzi’s definitely on the to-read list.

Tearing at me, though, was Volume 2 of Robert Kirkman’s "Invincible: Ultimate Collection," which arrived in a surprise package from my buddy Ivan, who got me hooked on the character last month when he mailed me Volume 1. I’m itching to get back to that over the next couple days, even as I’ve already dived into Jay Lake’s "Rocket Science."

Here’s another fun bit of writing: "Wikihistory," by Desmond Warzel. Take five minutes. Enjoy.

Closed out the work week with a rewarding moment of weakness and bought Guitar Hero III. (I knew there was a reason I loaned the federal government that extra money last year.) There’s a strange and wonderful mosh-pit load of goodness in watching my daughter concentrate on rocking "Story of My Life."


March 22, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Current Affairs, Fiction, Games, geek, Ohio, video games

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  1. “Wikihistory” is hilarious. I loved it!

    Comment by Kink | March 27, 2008 | Reply

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