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Bought the new REM "Accelerate" over the weekend, since I listened to the songs online and liked the top-to-bottom sound of it more than any album they’ve done since "Automatic for the People," which will always be my favorite. Getting a new album is funny because sometimes, you’re never quite sure which songs will grow on you and which ones you’ll immediately want to listen to over and over.

Was also loaned the audiobook of Sarah Vowell’s "Assassination Vacation," so I started listening to that in the car. I’ve had a thing for her voice and her writing ever since hearing her Goth transformation story on This American Life. (Sarah Vowell as Violet was the primary reason I went to see The Incredibles. Having an elementary-school-aged daughter to take to the movie made for a good excuse.)

I haven’t gotten that far into "Assassination Vacation," but I find myself goofily looking forward to hearing Eric Bogosian read the part of John Wilkes Booth.


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