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Thrash viola

So my daughter and I are playing a little Guitar Hero the other night, and we each do a couple songs “for real” to advance our band careers, and then we decide to wrap up by rocking a little cheese metal: We’re totally hooked on “Through the Fire and Flames,” falsetto-singing along, falling to our knees during the solos (okay, that’s just me) and just generally having a goofy blast.

Unfortunately, we’re having so much fun that during her go, she loses her finger positions for a few seconds at exactly the wrong time, and she winds up getting booed from the stage.

She’s peeved. And it’s too late to do it again because it’s a long song and she still has to go practice her viola before we settle in for “Survivor,” another guilty pleasure.

She sulks off into the back room, and I head to the kitchen to take care of the dinner dishes.

After a minute or two, I hear the “can-can music” – the part of Jacques Offenbach’s “The Infernal Gallop” about 31 seconds into that clip – being played.
Rapidly. (And, I should add, badly as a result.)

It’s the can-can as only a pissed-off fifth-grade girl who’s just been  shredding DragonForce can play it.

And I think it rocks.

April 13, 2008 - Posted by | geek, Ohio, video games

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  1. Dude, next time we get together, we are going to do two things:
    1.) Do a “frontier” run–run farther than you ever have before.
    2.) WAIL on Dragonforce together!!! That’s a promise!
    I thought for sure that you were going to say that she started playing Dragonforce ON THE VIOLA, which would have been even more epic!
    “So far AWAAAAYY we wait for the DAAAAAY…. Through the fire and the flames we carry on!”

    Comment by Kink | April 14, 2008 | Reply

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