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I pushed a new personal running frontier today: 6.85 miles. And if I’d known it was going to be that close, I’d have dragged my ass back down to the end of the street and up one more time just to push it to seven. Picked a route my brother plotted on the Gmaps pedometer – we’re both now totally addicted to finding new loops and paths. Today’s run took me out into farm territory – fertilizer and dirt and dust and oil in the air – out on roads that were unfamiliar even though they’re close to home.

There’s nothing like seeing a road sign that says "Pavement ends" and then running past it.

I’m exhausted but managed to get in a solid half-hour of writing for the second book – still playing with the title, but this one’s non-fiction, so it’s a different animal than Crossing Decembers.

Speaking of which, this second book’s been my priority lately, because, frankly, it has to be: I’ve put it off long enough. And it hurts not to be taking more time to promote my novel, which I already knew I needed to put a lot more energy into even before Wil Wheaton reminded me this week

Finally, an important note to all artists: nobody in the world
will work as hard as you will to promote your work, nobody will care
about promoting it as much as you do, and your work will be as
successful as you work to make it.
Hopefully, you’ll get lucky
like I did and get some good word of mouth and connect with a
passionate group of people who will tell their friends about you, but
that’s never going to happen if you don’t work hard — really, really
hard — to make it happen.

Dammit, I know! I know! I’m working on a plan to offer an electronic version that wouldn’t require registration like Lulu or Wowio, but for the moment, 95% of the computer time I’m spending here at home is working on Book No. 2.

Still, I have gotten some extraordinarily nice comments about Crossing Decembers recently, and that’s encouraging, as is stumbling across something like this late at night.

But there’s always a further frontier.

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