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My calves are upset with me. See, after doing a pretty decent job of running steadily and hitting a new distance mark on Sunday the 18th, I somehow let a full seven days go by without running a single mile. I decided to scale back to a five-miler this afternoon because of the lapse. At least three of those- and probably three-and-a-half, if I’m being totally honest with myself – were run in full-on in "just keep going because you’ll be pissed off if you quit" mode. Distance wound up being 5.45 miles in about 51 minutes, but man, the week off plus the heat and humidity really made it feel like a slog.

On the bright side, I finally made myself get some new shoes, having been running on the same pair for the last what, five, six years now? (In all fairness, of course, until the past two months, that’s been limited to two-milers, mostly summers only.) So I was a little psyched to be heading out to get a new pair. After a couple minutes, I grabbed four boxes off the shelves and sat down to try ’em on. First pair looked sharp, felt OK – felt like new shoes, like a little possibility of extra spring, extra boost – like Bradbury captures so well in that story in Dandelion Wine. But they still felt kinda, well, new. Stiff-ish, like driving someone else’s new car. So I put on pair number two – same sort of feel. New, yeah, power, yeah, but still kind of not me.

I’m feeling a little pressure at this point because my knees have been reminding me lately that I need new shoes because the heels of my old ones are worn through like popped rubber blisters.

So I put on pair three and before I even stand up, I know. Because they just feel like my shoes. That’s the way I had to explain it to Jenn: They didn’t feel like my new shoes, they felt like MY shoes. I was excited to get back home and take them for a spin.

They passed, even if I struggled.

A fine end to a good weekend. Jenn & I took our daughter and her friend for a two-night visit to stay with friends in Columbus. (Aside: Having grown up as the only person my age in our extended family, I remember reaching that age where my parents allowed me to bring friends along when we were going somewhere where there wouldn’t really be anyone for me to play with, and it was pretty cool. It’s neat seeing that sort of friendship from the other side of the fence.) Here’s a partial adjective-noun summation: Old, close friends. Sun-drenched back patio. Beer-boiled bratwurst. Burgers. Burning River Pale Ale. Guitar Hero III. Glorious sunny park afternoon. Pizza. Uno. (Complete with a stunningly cutthroat pass-the-buck Draw Two/Draw Four rule!) Graeter’s. More Guitar Hero. WarioWare Smooth Moves. MarioKart. Much hanging out and company-enjoying.

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