Cornfield Meet

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Level 3: Challenging Stage.

Went running again tonight: Felt much better than it did a couple days ago, and I pushed it a little bit harder. When I felt myself hitting the wall, I made myself take longer, slower strides just to keep a pace going. I even got a second wind in the fourth mile and threw in an extra quarter-mile just to make sure I passed my distance goal. (I thought I’d taken a wrong turn in one of the housing developments and was going to cut myself short, so I also figured building in a just-in-case buffer wouldn’t hurt.)

Got home and checked the time: 47 minutes. Gmap-pedometer distance: 5.5 miles. Quick calculation: 8:32 per mile – my fastest so far – which would put me between 42 and 43 minutes for a five-mile, and holy moly, that’s better than my race day goal.

Okay, I admit: Setting myself a 45-minute five-mile barrier isn’t going to win me any medals, but this will be my first race to that distance, so I figured I’d dial my expectations back accordingly. Truth is, though, I’ve half-secretly been hoping to hit 40 minutes, and that now seems totally achievable, which is kind of a rush to this still-mostly-casual runner.

May 28, 2008 - Posted by | geek, Ohio, running, Sports

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