Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Psuper Psyched. Pseriously.

Can you feel anything but excited about a wedding weekend with an invitation that includes this –


– followed by these:
Lanes and Shoes will be Provided
Buffet Dinner will be Served

Can you? I submit that you canNOT!

Big time road trip this weekend as my old friend Aaron – artist of church pew attendance pads, consumer of Cool Ranch Doritos, Coke and plain cheese sandwiches, and Commodore 64 Archon warrior extraordinaire – gets married.

(He’s also done a bit of work at Hasbro and created a fantastically cool comic book and character, Gumbo, which another loooongtime friend has written about over at Random Thoughts Escaping. Me, I gotta hit the road…)

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