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Farewell Summer

My younger brother Nick stopped by last week with an audiobook CD he’d found at the library and thought I might be interested in. He held it out, and when I saw "Farewell Summer" and "…eagerly anticipated sequel to Dandelion Wine," on the cover, I snatched it and had a brief, stammering "what?huh?when?" moment.

My Bradbury for breakfast, lunch and dinner years are a ways back, but I’ve still paid attention to the guy – at least, I thought I had until I saw that somehow I’d missed this book’s 2006 publication.

It took me about a commute and a half to listen to "Farewell Summer" last week, and while most of it’s better than the last couple Bradbury short story collections, I was disappointed in the ending, which I thought was a little wishy-washy. There’s still a lot of good stuff in here, though: Ray’s voice is as familiar and evocative as ever, and the storyline meanders but still feels closer to a novel like "Something Wicked This Way Comes" – which now becomes kind of the middle of a loose "Green Town Trilogy" by Bradbury – than series of tightly-connected vignettes like "Dandelion Wine."

Audio-wise, Robert Fass is a good performer, though the little-kid lisp he uses for one of the characters  – I don’t know if Bradbury actually wrote this or if it’s Fass’ own take – seems to grow more pronounced and a little more grating as the story moves along.

Still, "Farewell Summer" was a good listen/read, and a somehow fitting start to the season.

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