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Wowio news, “Crossing Decembers” and some nice words.

The last couple months have seen a nice uptick in downloads of the electronic version of "Crossing Decembers" over at Wowio, so naturally, that’s when things come to a screeching halt: Seems there’s something a-brewing with the company and we’ll see what happens. Global availability would be nice, naturally – Wowio’s U.S.-restricted distribution earned it some flak – but I don’t know how this will affect author contracts or compensation.

(The book’s also still available through – where, incidentally, I recently discovered this incredibly nice note in a review from a complete stranger: "It has one of the strongest opening paragraphs I’ve ever heard, a great name, and a very inviting concept." )

In the meantime, I’ll be offering "Crossing Decembers" via email in PDF format through my own site, for a piddling buck-fifty, which I’ll gladly apply toward a subsequent purchase of the print edition. (Yeah, I know some pretty prominent authors give away e-versions free. For me, that’s not an option right now.)

Here’s hoping Wowio comes back sporting a popularity jetpack. 

June 25, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Fiction, geek, Ohio

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