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Catch-up: Geek Goodies

I never thought I’d feel this rejuvenated traveling to the ocean and back home inside a five-day window, but we got back from North Myrtle Beach last night, and DAMN was it a good trip. About three and a half days of solid beach time with the family, big condo right on the coast and lots of time in the surf. There are some notes worth an entry on their own, but right now, I’m going back a week:

July 12 was the annual OSWCC Summer Social, a six-hour blast bookended by a 4.5-hour road trip each way with a half-dozen fellow Star Wars fans. Kim Simmons, who shot a lot of the packaging art for the old Kenner toys, and his son, Scott D.M. Simmons, who sometimes helped out with those shots and grew up to work at Hasbro for awhile, were there to show off some slides of those shoots. (Hm. I should email Scott and see if that’s his hand shown on my "Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set" box flat.)

I delivered a few pre-ordered Collect All 21! copies and sold five more while I was there, so I actually have to order a couple more – which is not a bad problem to have at all, of course.

In terms of new stuff for the collection, I picked up a 1999 ILM Siggraph shirt, a 1983 Scholastic Books slipcase with all three storybooks from the original trilogy (yes, I haveSwthunderoustorch
all of these already, but I’d never seen them in a single case, so I snagged it), and this Steve
Buccellato signed color guide sheet from Classic Star Wars #6, which I remember buying when it was new back in the early 1990s. I picked one of these up for Adam, too.

And a fellow OSWCCer gave me a bizarre but cool roman candle firework with a bootleg Darth Vader image on it. It was hard to scan, since I had to roll it along the glass as the scanner bar passed beneath, and it was a little wide for the bed, so you can’t see the Shazam-style lightning bolt and the white sunbursts  coming out of Vader’s upraised "Thunderous Torch," as the thing’s labeled." Gawd, I love this crap.

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