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Collect All 21! – snapshots and feedback

Lately I’ve been posting some of the photos from the Collect All 21
cover – along with some others I dug up while creating it –  in a great Flickr group: "Growing Up Star
Wars: 1977-1985

One of the group’s co-founders is artist Glen Mullaly, whose
art’s got a very cool throwback feel to it. He’s sent me some very nice words
about Collect All 21 and has embedded a picture of my 1977 birthday cake on
his blog post about the photo group
, so this is a public thanks for that
support. One of the things Glen mentioned was that reading the book brought up some of his own memories that he hadn’t thought of in awhile, and it’s good to hear that, because it’s a big part of why I started the project in the first place. (Along with the fact that it was a ridiculous amount of fun, of course.)

I also received an INCREDIBLY kind note from Simon, a reader
in the UK
who caught my posts on Rebelscum and ordered a copy, and he gave me permission
to share his thoughts here:
Got the book yesterday, and I got hooked instantly. I had to read it
thru til the end last night, way past my bedtime.

Really enjoyed it, and there was lots I could relate to from my own
growing up as a Star Wars fan (I’m a tad younger, born in ’72). Very brave of
you to share so much of your personal history in the book (I doubt I’d be that
brave), and it made for much more than just another Star Wars fan book. It
added great depth, and I felt like I’d begun to know your family and friends.
In fact in places I wanted more about your family and personal life and less
Star Wars, but I guess that shows you’ve just not written a good Star Wars
book, but a bloody good book full stop.

Thank you very much for sharing, it was a rewarding read. As good as
"The Elfish Gene" by Mark Barrowcliffe, an English chap who grew up
in the 70s as a D&D fan, and also a good read.

Wow, Simon. Seriously –
(Of course, this also sent
me on a multi-library quest for The Elfish Gene, only to find it’s not due
stateside until November – though I did find this excerpt online, and though I
was never the gamer I wanted to be, it seems like an awfully good read…)
These are just the moral
boosts I need heading to Sunday’s Buckeye Comic Con in Columbus! (Bonus: A belated birthday gift for my Irish-to-the-core wife when we go down on Saturday night…)

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