Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.


Let’s see: Football nuts? Check.
Celtic nuts? Check.
Comic/sci-fi/Star Wars nuts? Check/check/check.

Seems I had a nutty kind o’weekend, and it rocked.
Saturday morning, up at 5:30 a.m. because I live in Canton Freaking Ohio and by God, when it’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend, that’s what we do – and frankly, 5:30 a.m. probably put us among the late risers for the parade. Found a great spot sandwiched between the reserved bleacher seats – and I loveloveLOVE this time of year when I see people from San Diego and Virginia and Maryland and God knows where else all here in my town and so damn excited about it. My wife being a lifelong Washington Redskins fan was ecstatic this year, too, what with the team playing in the HOF game and having two enshrinees going into the hall. (Hey, I remember when Ozzie Newsome was inducted, so I totally get her goofydorkspazness over Darrell Green.) Seeing Art Monk get in was awfully cool, too, since he’s made the finalists’ short list every damn year, it seems. Heck, even I knew who he was by now. (You can check out a bunch of player shots – including the whole 2008 HOF class – in my Flickr photostream. Father Murphy’s in there, too for you 1980s Sunday night TV fans.)

So, we get home from the parade, drop our daughter off at a friend’s for an overnighter, and then Jenn & I hit the road to Dublin for the Irish Festival. (Have I mentioned that my wife’s Irish? And the friends we were staying with, too? Me, I can only claim part-Welsh don’t think I could pull off the whole unbifurcated garment look. (In fact, I’m mostly German, and we invented leather freaking pants, so clearly you don’t get much more bifurcated than that.)

Lots of good Irish music, though – The Hooligans and Neck were bands we caught and enjoyed – nifty art, neat dance, and the goodness of brewed-just-once-a-year Dublin Irish Festival Stout. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous night.

Sunday morning, up and at ’em for the Buckeye Comic Con. Jenn came along, and we got there just about 9:45 a.m. Organizer/owner Jeff Harper couldn’t have been more friendly & helpful, and I wound up having a whole table. It was weird at first because I felt kind of like the new kid in class: The other guest writers and artists all seemed to know each other, and while they had bunches of different projects and art and stuff, I had a table and nine copies of a single book, along with my business cards and some flyers and a display board.

Things were a little slow in the morning, but around lunchtime, we started chatting more with the people around us, particularly the smart and funny Molly Durst (who also, I noticed, was great about encouraging every young girl who stopped by, and that was fantastic) J.D. Larabee, and Sean Forney. I got some really helpful tips and encouragement about what shows and cons tend to be good for small/independent presses and local artists and writers, and they all made Jenn and me feel very welcome. (Jenn being out of her element and all, I was surprised how into the other indie projects she got, and I loved seeing that side of her.) We wound up swapping some small stuff with Molly & J.D., too: Jenn got a witch-and-cat print from Molly, I nabbed two of J.D.’s neat Star Wars caricatures.

If it were a trip solely about the bottom line, it could’ve been better, though I did sell a handful of "Collect All 21!" copies, and at least a couple people wanted to check out the online excerpts.The guy who won my donated copy of CA21 happened to be a Star Wars fan and seemed pretty psyched about it when he asked me to sign it, so I hope to hear what he thinks. Among the neat people who wandered up to my table: a retired news
photographer, a 21-year-old die-hard Star Wars fan, a former
convention-circuit booking agent and several other awfully nice people. Meeting them and the other guests and geeking out for the day made it worthwhile.

The big payoff, though, was at the end of the day, when Jenn and I got in the car. She was just sitting there looking at me with this grin.

"What’re you smiling at?"

"I am so. Very. Proud of you. And seeing  you here with your book, excited about it and talking to people, it makes me forget all those nights I huffed because you were upstairs sitting at the computer."

It’s been almost 30 hours since she said that, and remembering it still choked me up a little just now.

We drove home through a golden afternoon between high cornfields and stopped for Dairy Queen along the way.

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  1. Very very very cool John!
    Up next… Comic Con in San Diego!
    Are you pitching your book to any big publisher’s yet?

    Comment by Ivan | August 7, 2008 | Reply

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