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“Galactically Yours”

Galactically Yours

This Princess Leia photo is a signed publicity picture I got after writing to Carrie Fisher when I was probably 12 or 13. If you’re a sharp-eyed geek you might notice it’s tacked to a
Yoda cork board.

It’s blurry and washed out because it’s a screencap from an old 8mm home movie that I just posted (along with a few others) to the Growing Up Star Wars pool on Flickr, which has fast become a great big wonderful bucket of old-school goodness. It’s not just the Star Wars stuff, either – it’s the era captured in these pictures: Avocado floors, iron-on T-shirts, dark brown paneling and wicker room accents. I can just about taste my elementary school’s chocolate milk just looking at them. (I stopped drinking the chocolate in about third or fourth grade, I think, because something about it reminded me of the taste of raisins. Bleccch.)

They also echo a common thread running through much of the feedback I’m getting from "Collect All 21!" readers, which boils down to something along the lines of "It reminded me of a lot of my own Star Wars memories, some different and some the same."

That’s incredibly cool. Not as cool, maybe, as a birthday party given by Boba Fett, but cool nonetheless.


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