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The Clone Wars – Sheesh, why the brouhaha?

Seriously – from Harry Knowles’ jump-the-gun tirade to the ‘F’ from Entertainment Weekly – I just don’t get the relentless bashing of "Clone Wars," which Adam and I took our respective kids to see this morning. I mean, based on the burn-Skywalker-ranch rhetoric I was hearing from some corners, I went into this thing really expecting something horrific. Like "Ferngully" bad.

And you know what? I was entertained. Sheesh: It was a freaking cartoon movie. Did it have the sweeping operatic feel of the original trilogy? Hell no. But then again, I wasn’t expecting it to – I mean, even the prequels themselves often struggled on that front. (And honestly – if you raked this movie over the coals because you went in with stratospheric expectations, well, come on.Where’ve you been?)  Did it feel a little like a big-screen adaptation of a television cartoon? Absolutely – but I’ll also say this: The visuals were impressive enough that I feel much better having spent my 12 bucks to see a Star Wars cartoon on the big screen than I would have if I’d spent that much to see "The Simpsons Movie" in the theater, and I liked that movie an awful lot.

Look – I’m a first-generation fan, and consider a good chunk of what that wrought: The Droids cartoon. The Ewoks cartoon. A Marvel comic series that stretched into pure absurd silliness. Not one but TWO Ewok-anchored television movies (and I swear, I read someone’s rant that said "Clone Wars" was worse than either of those, and you have GOT to be kidding me on that front because those didn’t even have spaceships or lightsabers, for the love o’Pete), and let’s not forget the Holiday Special.

I’m not saying everybody should go out and see "Clone Wars" because it kicks ridiculous ass and rejuvenates the saga and will make you weep with a recaptured childhood. It doesn’t. I’m just saying that if you’re upset at that sort of failing, maybe you need to reconsider what you’re expecting from a Star Wars cartoon.

Also, NO WAY does this belong below "The Battle for Endor."

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  1. Hey John! Pretty sure my husband’s taking the boys to see this soon. They’re already hooked on Star Wars in general (hey, McDonald’s has Star Wars Happy Meal Toys now!).

    Comment by Tracy Madison | August 19, 2008 | Reply

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