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Something (good) must be in our water.

So, because John Scalzi’s Zoe’s Tale was coming out, I went to the library last week and checked out The Ghost Brigades. And justlikethat, I remembered that the Old Man’s War universe is one I simply don’t like leaving once I’ve stepped in for a visit. Every spare five minutes I had, I was gobbling up pages, like when the Harry Potter books were new, or like I did with M.T. Anderson’s Feed.

The same day, I picked up Tobias Buckell’s Crystal Rain. It took a little longer to get its hooks in me, but if I hadn’t left it at work on Friday afternoon, odds are I would’ve gotten far less done at home this weekend, because I’d be cranking through it, and I can see the next few months filled with Ragamuffin and Sly Mongoose alternated with Scalzi’s The Last Colony and Zoe’s Tale.

What’s also cool, of course, is that both of these fantastic writers live here in Ohio. Yeah, I know neither one of them was actually born here, but they’ve done some incredible work since they’ve been here, and Scalzi’s even peppered a fair amount of Buckeye State references into his writing. More awesomeness? They’re doing a co-op signing and appearance in Columbus on October, and dammit, it’s on a work night, but I might just have to make the road trip, because, I mean, come on.


August 24, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Current Affairs, Fiction, geek, Ohio, Travel

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