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Live Life, Breathe Air

000_0155…that’s right, I’m quoting the freaking iCarly theme song, right up there in the post header. No regrets. My daughter and I made pilgrimage number seven to Fossil Park and Bowling Green yesterday, reaching new heights of silliness along the way, including both of us belting out that TV show intro at lung-bursting levels. (What? Why do I know the lyrics? Because I drive her and her friend home from the YMCA twice a week and THEY know the lyrics. My  brain cells really had little choice in the matter.)

Our fossil haul this year was pretty ho-hum – different kinds of brachiopods, nothing spectacular (except for one really nice complete specimen I found and which disappeared from my pile while I wasn’t l100_2033ooking – I blame one of those boys running around, but I’m not bitter and I’ve >cleansing exhale< given it back to the universe); a few trilobite bits, some coral stems. It was a gorgeous day for digging, though: Sunny but not blazing hot, a nice breeze coming through the quarry.

We were only there about two hours, I think, but the day’s become less about the actual digging and
finding than about the trip itself: Up before the sun, hitting the road while it’s cool outside, snacking along the way and driving two-lane roads through places we’ve never seen. Wellington, Ohio, for example: Never been there before yesterday. Home of Archibald Willard, painter of "Spirit of ’76". Oberlin, too – heard of it, of course, but this was my first pass-through.

000_0159Bowling Green was busier than usual, with the Black Swamp Arts Festival going on and Minnesota in town for a football game. The Dairy Queen where we got our traditional ice cream desserts sells glass-bottled pop, so we picked up a couple Cokes to drink during our walk around campus.

I’ve long believed that Coke is best from a glass bottle, but my daughter noticed first that these were particularly sweet & tasty, and then we noticed a couple more things in quick-fire succession: The bottles were bigger than the 8-oz "souvenir" type Cokes you can get in most groceries around here, but not the full 16-ouncers I remember from when I was a kid. In fact, these were marked "355 ml," and while I was noticing that, I read the other stuff printed on the bottle: "Refresco." "No Retornable." And the kicker, of course, "Hecho en Mexico." And there, on a label stuck to near the neck, I read the ingredient list: Water. Sugar. Caramel Color. Phosphoric Acid. Natural Flavors. Caffeine.

Sugar. NOT Corn syrup. That explains the delicious battery-acid sweet goodness I’d a000_0163ll but forgotten was the way REAL Coke was supposed to taste.

We walked around BGSU sipping our Cokes, playing on the marble stairs in University Hall (she took the shot of our bottles sitting on the steps), stopping to look at a squirrel in a tree and the dozens of cicada husks clinging to the branches. She asked where I’d lived, and I pointed out the buildings and, in one case, the window to my room from the second half of my sophomore year.

As we headed east out of Bowling Green in the late afternoon, she fell asleep less than 10 miles out of town (another tradition), and I scanned the AM radio stations for a football game to keep me from drifting myself. While she slept, I passed through a small town behind a guy on a motorcycle with a stuffed moose in the sidecar.


We drove on, living life, breathing air.

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  1. I have a friend at work from Wellington. Ha.

    Comment by ICB | September 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Coke is indeed best when you drink it from a glass bottle!

    Comment by ClevelandMom | September 12, 2008 | Reply

  3. @ICB – Of course, I kept thinking of The Cosby Show and Cliff’s love for >Cosby voice< “The beef WELLingTON.”
    @ClevelandMom – I should go back and buy more so I can spread the joy. For a price, of course :)

    Comment by JohnB | September 12, 2008 | Reply

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