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Broome Sweet Broome

Check out Broome, Western Australia.

Looks nice. Bonus points for having a community lost-and-found board online. ("Lost: Black, male, short haired cat, has golden eyes, answers to the name Jedi." I’m not making that up, and for what it’s worth, I’m pulling for you, guy.)

Why Broome? Because this week, I shipped a copy of "Collect All 21!" there, and that just astounds me in the coolest way. Direct surface distance? 10,315 miles. (Straight through the Earth would cut a couple thousand off that – 8,904 miles by this calculator.) And according to a couple antipodal maps – yes, I’m nerding out here – it’s almost directly opposite my home on the other side of the planet. The only way I could ship something further would be if someone parked a boat way off the southwest coast of Australia and set up residency.

Confession – In a moment of spaz, I lose geek points by joking to a friend this afternoon that I can only go further if someone from the International Space Station wants a copy. His reply? "I will respectfully point out to you that the ISS is orbiting only
about 225 miles above us when it cruises by, so you’re going way
farther to get to Broome!  (Granted, the ISS would be a more DIFFICULT
and COOL delivery, but it’s only as far away as like Dayton in a
straight line…)"

Dammit. More mistakes like that and I’ll never get to the Academy like Biggs did.


September 10, 2008 - Posted by | 1980s, Books, eighties, Film, geek, Travel

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