Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Dusting things off with a chainsaw.

I have felt so oddly out-of-whack for the last week or so, kind of whipsawing all over the place. Haven’t written anything besides the journal (and work-stuff, of course), and even when I’ve sat down to do a little blogging or Propelling or even just Tweeting, there’s just been no interest or energy or anything resembling focus. Lots of hours filled with chainsawing and hacking branches and hauling them to the woods and being exhausted, and then more spent trying to bend a crushed chain-link fence back into place. Restful hours spent making progress on "Zelda: Twilight Princess" because I couldn’t get my mind to stay in a straight line long enough to do much else.

It ends tonight, even if this just turns into a babblefest. Tonight, I mowed the front yard. I watched "Fringe" with my daughter – which, although I think it’s definitely a grade B show, I’m more than willing to watch if it’s something she & I get to share. Besides, it opens the door for Season One of X-Files, which I have a feeling she’ll dig.

I’ve made the phone calls I meant to, I’ve sent the emails I needed to, and now, here. I. Am.

So. How freaking cool is it that Tobias Buckell left a comment on my fallen tree post last week? Now I have to go to his Columbus appearance next week! Plans call for me bringing a Sharpie and this:

100_2072_2I didn’t cut this piece from the tree specifically with Mr. Buckell’s comment in mind, but when it fell from the branch I was cutting, I made a mental note to go back and snag it during the cleanup. Now it’s sitting here in my office, next to some fossils and action figures and a box of "Collect All 21" copies destined for a friend’s table at next month’s Screaming Tiki Con. With any luck, a week from tomorrow this wedge of maple earns a bit of real estate here amongst the geekstuff.


September 24, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Fiction, geek, Ohio, video games

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