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In Which I Suddenly Realize I’m the Twin Peaks Log Lady

So, yes, I did in fact make a 2.5-hour drive each way last night to see John Scalzi and Tobias Buckell at their 2-hour bookstore visit in Columbus, and it was absolutely worth it. (Digression: I read Zoe’s Tale this week and it’s awfully good. Stands alone fine – I’d love to introduce my daughter to it – and also manages to improve the already kickass "The Last Colony" without a single retcon. I’m planning to switch back over to Buckell with "Sly Mongoose" from the library this weekend.) They took questions & talked sci-fi & writing and (duh) Bacon Cat & blogging, and they came off as pretty easygoing and approachable, which I was glad of because, let’s face it, I was bringing a chunk of tree for them to sign, which is inherently goofy about on top of me just being geeked to meet them. (I suppose, of course, that everyone else was also having bits of tree signed, though theirs were thinner.)

I tried very, very hard not to be babblingdorkguy during the few minutes we100_2076
spent chatting – they were very generous with their time, talking to every person in line – and though I’m not sure I was entirely successful, I am at any rate the proud owner of a piece of storm-shredded tree limb inked by a couple of inspiring writers and pretty nice guys.

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  1. Hi, I think my Dad sat next to you at the Scalzi/Buckell event. He said he was the only one taking notes if that helps, 60s with glasses. He mentioned you’re in Hartville, I’m in Canton. He hasn’t read any Buckell yet but I convinced him to read the Sly Mongoose he got signed for me.
    Maybe the strong northeast Ohio contingent will provoke a visit in our area.

    Comment by Comicbrad | October 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m hoping to pick up Sly Mongoose from the library this week – I’ve read the first chapter online and can’t wait to see the rest.
    I did spend some time chatting with your dad – and the funny thing is, there was another guy there with family connections in Stark County, too.
    (And yes – if Scalzi and/or Buckell comes to this corner of the state, I’d definitely see them again. It was a lot of fun.)

    Comment by JohnB | October 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] Buckell’s “Crystal  Rain.” – I read this last year, and met him at a book signing in Columbus where I didn’t actually have a book for him to sign, so I’ve owed him one. And […]

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