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I admit, I’m jealous of Adam because he’s enjoying this third season of "Heroes," – and I’m not. I really wanted to, believe me, although I wasn’t nearly as wound up for this season’s premiere as I was last fall, since the show’s sophomore year was awfully weak.

But the premiere just left me kind of nonplussed. Another time-travel catastrophe that has to be averted. Suresh going all "The Fly." Niki-not-Niki. Honestly, the only part that really appealed to me was the idea of hunting down the four escaped bad-asses from Level 5: Pure good-guys-vs.-bad-guys stuff. It wasn’t enough to keep me tuning in, though, and the weird thing is, I really felt like I’d either seen everything on the show before or they were throwing too many new characters and twists into the mix just for the sake of keeping me off balance. (And no, I don’t think those are contradictory statements.)

Maybe the big thing is that I think they’ve all but robbed the show of any emotional weight, because for all intents and purposes, ain’t nobody gonna freaking die for real. Yes, I know this is a well-worn comic-book staple. Part of the playground equipment. I get it. But they’ve stopped even pretending. Remember the end of Season One, when the Petrelli bros. made their ultimate sacrifice and flew up into space to die in an atomic fireball? Excellent move. Then they bring them right at the very beginning of season two. All downhill from there.

That episode Adam mentions, "Company Man?" Yes, it’s still the Best. "Heroes." Ever. Why? Fewest characters in the episode; single storyline; and also the biggest sacrificial moment anyone’s ever made on the show. When HRG tells the Haitian to take his memories of Claire, that’s freaking powerful no-looking-back (literally) stuff, because dammit, it stuck and it mattered.

Honestly, the only non-sitcom I’m watching now is "Fringe," and that hasn’t lived up to the hype either, but my daughter likes it, so it’s something we can share (and she’s in middle school now, so I’ll take those moments where I can find them, thanks very much) and it’ll give me an excuse to introduce her to the "X-Files" pretty soon.

How long until "Lost" and "Battlestar" come back?


October 9, 2008 - Posted by | Current Affairs, geek, Television

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