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“Attention, Zone Five! Attention, Zone Five!”

Playing catch-up from the awesomeness of Saturday, here’s my Field’s Edge write-up on the Screaming Tiki Con, and Adam’s more comic-centric take on the day, too.

What else made the day great? (Besides all the stuff I already wrote on Field’s Edge, I mean.) WeIl, I sold a copy of “Collect All 21
to a fantastically supportive former co-worker from the local newspaper up there, where I held my first full-time reporting job; I got to see several OSWCCers, which is always worth any road trip; and in the artists’ room I touched base with Sean Forney, who sat
next to me at the Harper Con in Columbus back in August.

When I got home, Jenn was working late, so I settled in for an evening of “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” which I’d never seen. The DVR had also just finished up recording the first two “Terminator” movies, too, so I was SET.

Heck, it all pre-emptively made up for Sunday, when I had to replace both headlights on my car following the guidelines in a faulty instruction manual – honestly, when you say “remove the bolts from these brackets,” and you illustrate only the TWO obvious brackets on top without noting, “Hey, by the way, there’s a third bracket hidden halfway down the engine compartment that you can hardly reach with a socket wrench,” that’s kind of an Epic Fail, tech writer dudes. Of course, if I hadn’t had to spend so much time replacing the damn headlights, I might not have noticed that my freaking oil fill cap was gone. Seriously? How the hell does that thing even fall off, much less without making a ridiculous amount of attention-getting clatter along the way?

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