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You May Ask Yourself: How Did I Get Here?

So, David Byrne was in Cleveland – and how'd that go?

Well, aside from a local cabbie trying to scam him out of a hundred bucks (and how funny is this: Byrne posts the guy's phone number on his blog) and a heartbreaking outsider's take on the crumbling chunks of Euclid Avenue, there was this:

"I was tipped via an e-mail sent by a man named Tim Rossiter to my
office. Tim wrote: “I've got to tell you about a special Cleveland
treasure, Glenn Schwartz. Glenn started the James Gang in the 60s, then
moved to California and was in the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. He
flipped out soon afterward and was in religious communities. He's had a
rough life and is tortured and crazy…Now Glenn is 67 years old and
plays in a blues trio for free late every Thursday at a small bar
called Major Hooples. There are typically 20-30 people there and he is
jaw-droppingly amazing to see. His playing is like electric bolts
straight from his psyche. He jumps off his amp and plays guitar with
his teeth. And he often preaches fire and brimstone between songs. It's
something very special and you won't see anything like it except on
Thursdays in Cleveland.”

So David GOES to Hoopples  – that's how it's spelled on the side of the building, and yes, I drive right past this place every damn day, down by the unpretty parts of the Cuyahoga – and who knew something like this could happen inside You've just got to watch the video to believe it.

(Thanks to George at Brewed Fresh Daily for the heads-up on this one.)

October 29, 2008 - Posted by | Current Affairs, Music, Ohio, Weblogs

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