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Every so often, over at Whatever, John Scalzi opens up a "pimp thread" for readers to just plug away and mention their websites, projects, and/or just cool stuff they've found and want to share.

After dropping my own contribution into the latest one, I started browsing the other commenters' links and it took all of about two seconds to find myself sucked into a webcomic, and then into a story written by that comic's author, and I thought, "Stop. Go back three steps. Share this before you forget or before your computer decides to lock up and set you off weaving a tapestry of obscenity."

So, here's that find: MyLifeComics by Paul Abbamondi. I used to love Jim's Journal back when it ran in the Bowling Green college paper, and I still have a weakness for comics that capture those day-to-day moments of goofiness or boredom or just plain time passing. In MyLifeComics' case, this is the strip that cemented my fandom. Why? Because I drive a lot. And I've seen those trucks a lot. And even though I've laughed to myself about their naming a lot, I don't think I've ever snickered aloud or shared the admittedly juvenile giggle with anyone else. And yet, here are those internal chuckles, echoed in a comic strip I'd never heard of until a couple days ago.

Paul's comic led me to check out his blog, and then I clicked onward to read his short story "Pigment", which I also liked.

Reason #64738 why the Series of Tubes rocks.

November 16, 2008 - Posted by | Books, Fiction, geek, Weblogs

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  1. Thanks for finding me! :D

    Comment by Paul | November 18, 2008 | Reply

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