Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Zork. Journey. Use of “besmirch.”

This guy's online chats with Comcast's customer support absolutely rock. Excerpts:

Brad_ > It's a problem with the telephone company, you. Not the good folks I was trying to call.
Brad_ > I won't sit idly by while you besmirch the name of the pizza place and the animal shelter, good madam.

Maryjo Bacolod > I tried dialing your pharmacy's phone number and we can access it here on our end.
Brad_ > No problem. I thought you didn't take your torch and got eaten by a grue.

and eventually:

analyst Michael has left room

Brad_>It’s back up, all green with a blinking battery

Brad_>Seriously… I got dropped again?


Brad_>Good acoustics in here.

Brad_>Just a small town girl… living in a lone-ly worllllld

Brad_>She took a midnight train goin’ an-ny-wherrrrre…

The whole exchange is over at Consumerist.


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