Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Interstate, Trees, Snow

It was cold and dark at 6:45
yesterday morning when Jenn & Kelsey & I pulled out of the driveway. We
were headed to the Dawes Arboretum for the Holly Fair craft show, where Jenn
had reserved a table to sell her handmade Christmas cards.


Interstate 77 southbound was quiet as we watched the sky
brighten, listening to a Christmas mix Jenn put together. (Good stuff like The
Waitresses and Barenaked Ladies’ version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”)


It was just starting to snow when we got to the arboretum
about 9:30. I’d never heard of the
place, but it’s been added to our list of places to visit next year when we go
camping down in that region.


Jenn’s table was against a set of huge windows with an
utterly magnificent view. (The cellphone shot doesn't do it justice, I know.) It was cloudy and snowing all day long, and we
watched the stuff silently whip and whirl outside the glass, covering the hills
and hiding the horizon. Set close to another window was a massive evergreen,
and we watched birds like a woodpecker and a robin and a blue jay swoop in and
grab berries and hop around on the interior branches while the needled fingers
grew fat with snow.


Business was mostly slow, but Jenn still managed to sell
several dozen cards, and we had fun talking to the people at the other tables:
the middle-aged couple next to us selling sculptures and decorations made from
gourds they’d grown; the women with the racks of beaded bracelets; the Ohio
State senior just a couple days from graduation who was personalizing
hand-painted glass ornaments – Jenn bought a memorial for Chaz Waz from
her; the girls selling sterling silver jewelry and dolls made from thread
spools; the photographer and his wife and their display of stunning landscapes
and rural buildings.


The Boy Scouts were there selling shredded chicken
sandwiches and hot dogs and desserts – the three of us ate lunch for a grand
total of seven bucks and it was great.


I didn’t get any straight-up writing done, but I did a ton
of idea-gathering and note-taking for an in-the-works project.


The show was scheduled until 4
p.m., but about 3:15, after a 45-minute visitor-free stretch, we
all started gathering our stuff and packing up, worrying little that the tour
bus carrying the Society of Bracelet, Spool Doll, Christmas Card, Gourd Craft, Custom
Glass Ornament and Photography Aficionados was going to show up for a
last-minute buy-fest.


Jenn & Kelsey slept most of the way home. The snow let
up enough that the interstates were okay, and we stopped at Rockne’s in Canton for dinner.


December 7, 2008 - Posted by | Ohio, Travel

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