Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Ostrich of tin = short but cool stuff re: writing.

Ostrich of tin, reworked, is short fiction. (Anagram generation sites rule. Also, running a very close second was "orthicon fist," which I might still save and use later, so No Stealing, Please.)

This babblage is courtesy of John Scalzi's latest Open Pimp Thread. After posting my own contribution, once more I thought, "You know, if all you do is put your own stuff in here and you don't actually go check out some more of the other Whatever readers' links, then you're totally crushing the Spirit of the Thread, and that's just mean."

Here's where the clickage led me this time: First over to Flash Fiction Online and a story by Bruce Holland Rogers – "Reconstruction Work," which in turn had me going back to the main site and reading Fredric Brown's "Earthmen Bearing Gifts."

Then it was over to Futurismic for Jason Stoddard's "Willpower."

My new quick-hit addiction, though, is the ongoing collection of 140-character stories, reviews and interviews that make up Thaumatrope ("The Twittering E-zine"). So much fun that I had to give it a whirl – and they bought my submission! It'll be awhile before it publishes, but rest assured I will be appropriately hyper when it shows up.


December 19, 2008 - Posted by | Fiction, geek, Web/Tech, Weblogs

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