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Jenn and I spent Saturday afternoon and overnight house-and-dog-sitting with our friends Keith & Marcia at my mom's place. We took a Gator ride around the woods and tree farm before it got dark, then settled in for the night while it got colder and windier outside.

Started with Apples to Apples, at which I came in last despite a strong start. (I blame my wife for totally failing to see that The Metric System is without a doubt more WILD than Helen Keller. I mean honestly, people: Everything in tens? EVERYTHING? Could you get more wild? Come ON.)

Then we gave VH-1's "I Love the 80s" Board Game a shot, and though we laughed a lot, it was more AT the game than with it, and here's why: Jenn & Keith partnered up and got first turn via rock-paper-scissors. They proceeded to capture all 10 "year tokens" (the game's equivalent of the Trivial Pursuit pie piece) and win the game on a single turn, thanks to never missing a question and getting two tokens for no effort at all other than landing on the "Do the Robot" spaces. (This game's version, say, of "Chance" in Monopoly.

To be fair, Marcia & I were given a shot at duplicating the feat, and we earned five or six straight tokens – and we even had to get a couple by charades and drawing, not just straight-up trivia answering – before we landed on our own "Do the Robot" space.

Yeah – ours said, "Lose a Year Token and Lose A Turn." Game over, we lose, and nobody ever even missed a single question. Totally Gnarly Fail, VH-1 Marketing Department.

Then we play a game Jenn & I have never seen: "Cue Me." Too many rules to explain here, but it was a ton of fun and my wife totally wins bonus points for guessing the answer "Boston Tea Party" on the single-word clue "harbor." Also, seeing her throw sets of 12-sided dice hit some middle-school-D&D-playing nerve in me and made her even more attractive than usual. Nerdgrrrrreow.

Keith & I stayed up late in the basement playing Baby Pac Man and struggling with the Black Knight pinball machine. Some of the contacts need cleaned, because the thing wouldn't automatically kick the balls into play (quit snickering), but still, just hearing the sound and speech effects threw me back to my arcade days of yore:

We also played ping-pong until damn near four in the morning.

The gaming goodness wrapped up Sunday morning when I got home to find an email that I'd won a couple Nintendo games in Geekdad's "12 Days of Geekmas" giveaway.

And with all this play talk, it seems only fitting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first holiday season I found Star Wars toys under our tree.

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  1. “Cue Me” is a pretty cool game. I’m surprised it’s got a webpage, because my copy of it is the only one I’ve ever seen!
    While I did not WIN Apples to Apples, at least I won the card “Dreamy” with “Hiroshima 1945!!”
    Thx for a great time!

    Comment by Kink | December 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] “Enter Sandman” on Expert? A couple Decembers back, Jenn & I spent a night gaming with our friends Keith & Marcia, and I wrote about playing “Cue […]

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