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In Which I Offer Many Thanks for Kindness and Nice Words

There are a few very kind reviews of "Collect All 21!" on its Amazon page that give me gut butterflies because they make me feel like I've accomplished a big part of what I wanted to do. Check it out:

"Over the years, I'd forgotten so much from my youth…until I read
'Collect All 21!' and it dislodged those memories free from wherever
they were tucked away in my mind."

– Troy L.

Similarly, Todd Merrick wrote this:

"He places us in his often personal and heartfelt situations and unleashes one's own feelings back to the saga."

By way of disclaimer, Troy's an acquaintance through OSWCC, and I see him at a couple times a year, but I didn't bribe, cajole or threaten him to write that, I swear. (Here's his whole review.) And Todd is a friend of Adam's who I last saw more than a decade ago. But their reactions mean an awful lot since personally, I'm a nostalgic nutcase and I love rediscovering bits and pieces of my past and reawakening sleeping memories. (No surprise there to anyone who's known me for more than about 12 minutes, I suppose.)

Then there's this one:

The memories he has of that period in his life are brought back to life
and told in detail. His childhood friends, the local movie theatre, the
toy stores, … – they are all there, and at times it's like the reader
is there with him. … this is the story of how it was to be a kid in the
late seventies/early eighties and how it felt to be sucked into the
world that George Lucas created.

– Guy van Gompel
This one blew me away, too. I don't know Guy other than he's a fellow reader/participant on the Rebelscum forums, and we'd never had any dealings or conversations until he ordered a copy of the book. The kicker is that he's from Belgium, and I can hardly wrap my head around the notion that these recollections of growing up in a pretty unremarkable small corner of Ohio can strike a common chord across an ocean in a place I've never seen.

Finally, I got more support from way-cool artist and "Star Wars Kids" contributing illustrator Glen Mullaly (who also co-founded the "Growing Up Star Wars" Flickr group) who said it was "quite a feat compiling all those recollections into one project. Good job."

Buckets and buckets, then, of continued gratitude to everyone who's reading, supporting and sharing my little book with fellow Star Wars fans and former children of the 1980s. You all rock maginificently and The Force Will Be With You. Always.


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