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Sunday. Comics. (See what I did there?)

Just a quick reminder that I'll be setting up shop with some copies of "Collect All 21!" tomorrow (Sunday, Jan. 25) at the Akron-Canton Comic Con, once again courtesy of Jeff Harper productions. Seriously, these are great occasions to hang out and curl up with some pop culture, comic and sci-fi on a wintry afternoon, so if you're in the area, swing by! My musically-talented buddy Stratos will be there, too, and I haven't seen him since the Buckeye con; and my daughter will be spending the day with me since Jenn works, so I'm looking forward to spending some good geek-out time with her.

Speaking of good father-daughter bonding, we just got back from a round at Laser Quest in which we totally teamed up and managed to tag 19 of the other 21 players at least once. Having someone to watch your back when the beams start flying makes everything that much more fun, even if you do spend what seems an inordinate amount of time eluding a gaggle of fifth-grade-or-so boys whose sole strategy was to surround us in a cluster and stand within Cheeto-breath range even after they're stunned, just waiting for their resurrection so they could tag us again. I will say this, though: Their annoying tactic made my later vengeance, courtesy of a well-placed wall mirror, that much sweeter. Old age and treachery, y'know…


January 24, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs, Fiction, geek, Ohio, Travel, writing

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