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Old school, new friends, & monsters

My daughter and I had an absolute blast spending Sunday hanging out at the Akron-Canton Comic Con, talking up old-school Star Wars and "Collect All 21" to everybody who stopped by the table. (I'd actually brought my beat-up original 21 figures and set them up, and it was fun to see the reaction from both kids who recognized the characters and their parents who'd played with their own Star Wars guys a few decades back.)

We had the pleasure of being assigned the table next to the truly hilarious and fun Andy Hopp, and I wound up trading a copy of my book for one of his way-cool sketchbook collections. He signed it for Kelsey and, in a moment that took me back to watching Aaron draw on the attendance pads in church when we were kids, personalized it with an on-the-spot "monsterization" sketch.

Five eyes and cone-head aside, the hoodie sweatshirt, chewing gum and glasses are nicely accurate touches.

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